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S&H Classes and Rules 3/16/2011



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S&H Classes and Rules 3/16/2011

Post  nymicroguy on Wed Mar 16, 2011 11:28 pm

Awsome to see so many people intrested in Tue Nite racing at S&H. It was a bit rough our first nite but all seemed to have a blast. I promise to get the program quicker next week and In two weeks we should be first class.

Below is what I have seen at a few tracks and just added a few clarifications to what they have in place already. I ask that you please do your best to comply with the race rules and if there are any doubts .... please Just ask. If there are any questions or you see something that I missed, feel free to PM, email or call me

Jason Allen

Short Course R/C racing is here!
Science and Hobby
1623 2nd Ave - Watervliet NY 12189
(518) 272-9040
Tuesdays 5:30 pm / Sign ups start 4:30pm
2 & 4wd BOX - stock & open Short Course Truck.
2 & 4wd Buggy / Truck stock
Mini-Micro 1:16 1:18 scale.
Sportsman: (Beginner Class) Almost any RC Car Allowed
ANY other class can be made as needed if more than 3 vehicles show

$ 10.00 First class 5.00/class thereafter
Family Discount = $10.00 first family member 5.00 each add. family member
Price includes I-laps transponder rental, race fees & pit space

NiMh Sub C's, – 7 cell max LiPo’s to (7.4v 2S 45C for 2wd & 65c for 4wd)
Mini – micro 2/3A to 8.4v or LiPo 7.4V 2s 40c

Three - 5-minute qualifiers and 6 minute mains ( Max 6 vehicles in Qualifiers & Mains

All cars / trucks must have tape over screws on bottom of chassis to prevent carpet tears.
Buggies cannot have screws protruding past the locknuts on the front shock tower & need tape also.
All SC Trucks must run SC style bodies, wheels, & tires. – No 8th buggy tires or stadium truck tires or bodies.
Stock Tires only on 2-4wd SCT’s – No pins or bumps! (Crossing brands ok. Example: running Blitz tires on a Slash, etc.)
Any rubber tire are ok for Buggies, Stadium Trucks, (No Foam tires)
Box Stock can have durability options installed IE: Diffs,CVD's,A-Arms ,Shock Towers ( No performance option parts allowed)
When In doubt ….Please ask

Legal Motors – Motors included w/ an RTR SCT (crossing brands ok), 27T rebuildable stocks, or 17.5 B/L only! NO Timing!

Open Class- Any aftermarket parts allowed, Any brushless motor/ESC allowed. 1:10 scale equipment. NON spike or knobby tires

1:16 -1:18 scale mini/micro class – 7.4v NiMh or LiPo 2s, Brushed or BL motor combo up to 5400kv or otherwise Ok’d by race director. Rubber and Foams tires are OK for this class only. Chassis screws taped like above classes.

Any Questions? Ask at Science And Hobby or Call Jason Allen (518) 894-3345 or email at

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