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Have Jumps and landing zones for Tue nite indoor offroad/Short Course BUT?



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Have Jumps and landing zones for Tue nite indoor offroad/Short Course BUT?

Post  nymicroguy on Thu Mar 10, 2011 10:16 pm

Like it says.. I spent Tue getting the old jumps down from the attic and fixing them for our new Tue. nite racing program but.... after racing the last few weeks in Rome and Enfield I realize that to make this truly awsome, the jumps need to be roller type instead of straight 30deg inclime to flat land zone which will do just fin for the next few weeks BUT!!!!!

I have a 200.00n Home Depot card and would use it to get materials and provide the labor to make some sweet roller jumps. Here is what I need. call me on my cell 518 894-3345 or email me at

Jason Allen

Looking for someone in our area that has a nice size band saw to make some nice quality roller jumps for A off road course at S&H....I will donate a 200.00 Home Depot gift card I have for the material but need to either borrow or have someone with the space and band saw to duplicate and cut all the ribs at one time make the best product. I have asked around, downloaded software to calculate takeoffs and landings have dimensions on paper some real nice jumps to replace the straight ones we currently have at S&H . I really want to make the indoor off road fly at S&H. This will also allow us to make keep it modular in case we want to run outside in a parking lot, under a pavilion in a school gymnasium etc during nicer weather.

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