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lets build a real track

newgenrc racing

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lets build a real track

Post  newgenrc racing on Thu Feb 17, 2011 9:08 am

="newgenrc racing"]ok so we all know that the guys at SnH made an off road track last spring. and i am very thankfull they made it and used it very much, but frankly, its too small for a real race track for 1/10. but its time that we of the 518 area code need to build a permanant off road racing track. dont be cought under the misconseption we need to waste money on clay. short course was born in the dirt and thats where it should stay. we need to build a large topsoil track. and somewhere safely accesable day or night. we need a lap counter and a lot of dirt and a lot of manpower. please help support with donations and lets get a real track this year. im saying a track large enough to race at least 8 sc's or 1/8 buggies. doing this in topsoil will save us a lot of money. so lets build a nice track.

please respond if you can help!!

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