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Short Course Truck Racing - Updated rules.


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Short Course Truck Racing - Updated rules.

Post  RCH on Fri Jan 07, 2011 5:02 pm

To eliminate any confusion, I have started a new thread for Short Course racing and rules. These are basically the set of ruled that was started by "axialcrawler" with a few edits, clarifications and a few things taken from our original set of rules for the Slash class. I hope everyone will be in agreement, but these are still open for discussion.

Short Course rules as of 1/1/11

Chassis: Any 1/10 short course(SC) truck chassis. No conversion kits or homemade chassis except the Proline Protrack kits for slash. No modifications of any type may be made to the chassis plate, lower braces, battery brace, nerf bars, bumpers, skid plates, body mounts, suspension arms, shock towers, hub carriers or related parts. Toe in and camber may be adjusted within the limit of the stock turnbuckles. No modifications may be made to the gearbox, transmission gears, slipper clutch, or drive shafts.

Tires: Any 1/10 scale short course kit supplied tire. No cutting or grinding of the tread. No 1/8 scale wheel conversions.

Electronics: Any 1/10 scale SC kit supplied electronic speed control & motor. Motor label must be intact. Motor modifications of any kind are not allowed. Any radio Transmitter, receiver & servo may be used.

Shocks: Must run original kit supplied shocks. May change springs and shock oil. Springs may not be shortened. Pre-Load may be added. Shocks must remain in original kit mounting locations.(no drilling extra mounting holes)May limit shock travel by adding tubing or spacers on the shaft inside the shock.

Body: Must use short course style truck body. Bodies must be painted.

Battery Pack: Any 6 cell, 7 cell nimh/nicd or 2 cell lipo with 20c max. The battery must be placed in the stock location.

No locking of diffs. May change diff fluid.

Durability upgrades allowed: RPM bumpers, suspension arms, gear covers, chassis plates. Aluminum steering knuckles, caster blocks & hub carriers.

Must run with all bumpers & nerf bars as originally equipped. May be either the original stock parts or above mentioned RPM or other optional brands similar to original.

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