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Post  DaveESPI on Wed Jan 05, 2011 2:40 am

I posted a very poinient message on HOBBYTALK forum this evening.

I've been a member on there since 2007 and never posted till now.

I've lurked for a long time, and never post anything becaust a lot of this is political bullcrap.


As one of the key people @ Science and Hobby I need to make mention of a few issues.

RESPECT GETS RESPECT. Please stay OFF the carpet track.

After this past weekend "hangover 100" , it has taken TWO DAYS to restore some sort of CLEAN surface to drive on. Wireties, snips of metal, Solder, trash, and plastic and tire foam bits (not to mention a lot of ground-in clay and shoe crud) was allover it from people walking over it.

Pits are designated areas for a reason and we try to accomodate people as best as possible. The entire front pit room was not even used by a single person, and we added 15 tables on top the carpet track to accomodate YOU... despite gripes from the carpet racers for us not to because of just EXACTLY this issue.... and as a direct result there are a lot of people who are NOT COMMING to SnH because the carpet track keeps being disprespected by the dirt oval people. Winter is here, and SNOW, SALT, WATER, and MUD are a major factor. When people walk over the carpet track it ruins the traction compound that we (US RACERS) pay to put down (around $70.00 a month) so we have a nice sticky groove and people walk over the track because they are "lazy" and can't be bothered to walk around AND IGNORE THE CHAIN AND CHAIR THAT BLOCKS THE CUT THRU !!!! it infuriates me personaly and a lot of others. Those of us who don't run the clay oval don't trample across YOUR track, or drop lumps of shoe /boot snow and salt, or do burnouts with soaked tires on the clay track, it is not fair to us who want a fairly clean and consistent surface to race on as well.

If EVERYONE doesn't start going around the outside and not over the center of the track, I personaly will start yelling at you and in a not so polite way....

OR, perhaps one day you will all come in and see your clay track completely F'd up and all the 60 carpet guys standing there with middle fingers in the TRACK CAM....

The world does NOT revolve around 2 days of racing and 30 guys bitching about "track conditions" and cheating with SPEC mode and tire nonsense of wanting a dry or wet or whatever clay surface.....


ALSO... the timing system on the carpet track is NOT just up for grabs when the one on the clay track "breaks". the clay track is a CDRC maintained deal, and not the responsability of Science and Hobby management. If your transponders fail : BUY NEW ONES.

yes I'm ranting, but I'm the voice of RC518 carpet touring series in the store at this moment, and this disrespect will not be tollerated.

On another note,
Phil does a lot for the CDRC racers. Despite all the BS and crap he gets from a few members, but his viewpoint is absolutely 100% ON-POINT....

This is about FUN... so stop the bitchin and get do some personal soul searching about why YOU are racing and what it means when people pack up and leave early because they have to cheat and/or still are not in the "a" main.......

I call as I see it: POOR SPORTSMANSHIP.

'nuff said.


ps: if anyone has anything to say about my post, please do so to my face, because honesty is my policy.

Just tired of the petty bickering and nit-picking about innane-moot point BS.

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