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SPEC Touring Car Rules(RC518 series)


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SPEC Touring Car Rules(RC518 series)

Post  RCH on Thu Dec 16, 2010 1:32 pm

SPEC Touring car rules

* Chassis-Any 4wd 1/10 scale electric touring car.
* Chassis, suspension, etc. must be stock and unmodified in any way*
* Motor-Reedy Radon #9626. Standard maintenance may be done(brush & spring replacement, commutator truing). No modification of the windings, can, or endbell.
* Tires-Sweep Racing EXP-30PPLS rubber tires(available mounted in sets of 4)
* Body-Must be of touring type 190mm or 200mm width
* No NASCAR, NASTRUCK, Modified, Oval, or Wedge
* Body must be on the car when the car is on the track for practice or during race
* Bodies must be trimmed to manufacturers molded lines - no additional cutting or holes.
* Battery - Venom Racing #15085 2S LiPo 7.4V or NiMH- 6 Cell 7.2v

Beginning with the next event drivers will be required to leave their cars at the tech inspection table at the conclusion of their race. You may unplug your battery and remove the transponder at trackside, then leave the car at the tech table while you marshal the next race. You may pick up your car from the tech table and return to your pit after marshaling said race.

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