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WE HAVE RACING!!!!!!!!!!!



would you race saturday mornings outside at snh

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newgenrc racing

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WE HAVE RACING!!!!!!!!!!!

Post  newgenrc racing on Wed Aug 18, 2010 9:12 am

ok so George informed me that he has a lap timing system, i dont know if we need to buy transponders, we will probably need a windows pc, and someone who would run the timing system, i would like to do racing, saturday mornings till it gets too cold, or till it snows, he said we need a few more pieces and he'll do it if we can get a commitment from people who will race, class rules: slash, anything except mamba monsters, slash 4x4, no mamba monsters, in my opinion, i would like to keep it to a 2 cell, but thats for the sake of corner marshals ect, mini slash, either the series connector or a 2 cell lipo, and please if everyone has 2.4 that would really make life easier.

please people, lets get some racing together, and this would be a ton of fun, the details are still to be finalized, but it would definitely be a great fun affraid Surprised Surprised

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