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gpm parts for CC-01


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gpm parts for CC-01

Post  Black on Wed Jul 07, 2010 7:48 pm

just wanted to give my two cents on the parts I purchased from GPM racing (located in Hong Kong) I picked up all of the rear suspension goodies that they offer for the cc-01 and the steering kit they offer also. The steering kit is a must have for this kit, the stock set up bad, it is down right evil when you lock the front DIFF on this truck. With the aluminum parts and bearings that come with the GPM kit steering is way more responsive and livable. There are still areas that can be improved. There aren't any one making kits for those areas yet so you have to MOD your own.
The rear of my truck has the longer drive shaft because I picked up the Land Cruiser 40 kit from tamiya and added the jeep Body parts myself. I wasn't able to find a new jeep kit for the price I wanted to pay. So I spent more adding the stuff I wanted. I am still waiting for the correct drive shaft to fit the rear tires under the jeep shell. Luckily the rear parts from GPM work with any CC-01 kit.
The rear parts break down to several area's. 1 new aluminum shocks. 2 Lower shock mounts. 3 aluminum four links. The stock set up is total crap. The plastic shock are junk. You can change the spring tension but after the first bump it loosens up and they also leak. The stock 4 link is made of a more flexible plastic than the rest of the kit. I'm not sure why Tamiya did this but it makes the rear unpredictable. The shocks mount to this flexible plastic and this makes them flex when they should be mounted solidly to the rear axle.
All of these problems are fixed with the GMP parts. The Lower rear shock mount even give you options on mounting height. You can get the kits in several colors, tho some times they don't have all of the colors in stock. I went with black cause I'm not a fan of bling.
The only down side I have found is that there are no instructions with any of the parts. It makes you think. This isn't that big of a deal but some of the kits have parts that are extra depending on how you want to set them up.
Ordering from GMP is a little odd. You send them an e-mail and when you tell Clara what parts you want she sends you a paypal invoice. Shipping from Hong Kong was faster than I expected (a little over a week)
All in all the parts are well worth the price and lack of instructions. I'm gonna order again to get all the front suspension parts from GPM.

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